November Running Results

Nashville Half-Marathon

Suzy Demirjian

Betsy Pierpaoli

Dan Singelyn

Chickamauga Marathon

Frank Fay

Viva La Diva

Suzy Demirjian

Kristine Mylls

Boulevard Bolt

Lora Fox

Indian Lake Loop 5 Miler

Sarah Farmer

Andrew Dollar

Jamie Drown

Bridge to Bridge 4 Miler

Carissa Miller

Rudolph's Run 5k (Team Race)

Sarah Farmer

Sam Miller

Jessica Miller

Terry Walker

Kristine Mylls

Lauryn England

Kara Brown

Andrew Dollar

End of the Season Best of the Rest

Marking the end of the season, many athletes were up to the challenge of going long. Many athletes took on the challenge of a 70.3 mile race and one took on the full 140.6 distance. Congrats to all the athletes in accomplishing their milestones.

Augusta 70.3

Kristine Mylls - 6:43

Austin 70.3

Sam Miller - 5:24

Jessica Miller-5:49

Rev3 South Carolina Olympic

Dave Bishop - 2:20:19 2nd AG

Joleyn Smithing - 2:53:36 3rd AG

Corris Morris - 2:58:37

Beach 2 Battleship Full

Jonathan Farmer - 12:31

White Sands Sprint #2

Matt Mantz - 1:18:01 1st AG

ITU World Championships (Beijing)

FTP coaching was blessed this season to send TWO athletes to compete in the ITU World Championships in Beijing China. Both Dave Bishop and Andrew Dollar qualified for Worlds last year at the USAT National Championship by finishing within the top 20 of their age group against a stacked field of athletes.

ITU World Championships (Beijing)

Sprint Distance

Andrew Dollar - 1:17:24 - 1st American in his Age Group

Olympic Distance

Dave Bishop - 2:28:08 - Top 20 in his age group among 78 world class athletes


The inaugural NashVegas took place on September 10th offering athletes the option of a half iron, olympic or sprint distance race. It wasn't too our surprise that FTP athletes dominated the field as the culmination of their training was on display for everyone to see.

Jayme Drown 1:18:35 3rd OVERALL
Terry Walker - 1:41:54
Libby Radford - 1:47:24
Becky Meagher - 1:38:00 1st AG
Jake Schwarz - 1:25:55
Matt Mantz 1:12:55 3rd AG

Sam Miller - 2:15:33 1st OVERALL
Jessica Miller - 2:42:38 1st AG
Lora Fox - 2:36:46 1st AG
Lindsey Nelson - 3:01:22
Gerald Alvis - 4:27:11
Jolene Smithing - 2:34:28 2nd Relay
Becky Sharpe - 2:34:28 2nd Relay

Cedars of Lebanon

Tucked away in a state park, Cedars of Lebanon is a local favorite. The 300m pool swim is inviting, but the 16 mile bike course challenges athletes in numerous ways (including a section of really rough riding).

Andrew Dollar - 1:11:27 3rd Overall
Carissa Miller - 1:32:12
Becky Meagher - 1:42:28 1st AG
Suzy Demijrian - 1:31:33 2nd Relay
Jenny McClellan - 1:31:33 2nd Relay
Susan Settle - 1:47:33

Best of the Rest--July

FTP was everywhere in July. Many athletes left the confines of middle Tennessee to represent the team in other areas.

Cincinnati Triathlon (OH)
Carissa Miller - 1:24:09-1st place

Chattanooga Waterfront
Sam Miller - 2:27:25
Jessica Miller - 2:51:14
Kristine Mylls - 3:31:02
Corrie Morris - 3:00:09
Becky Sharpe - 3:26:35

Phillips Chain of Lakes Triathlon (WI)
Joleyn Smithing - 1:50:38 - 3rd AG

Nantucket Island Triathlon (MA)
Jake Schwarz - 1:29:26 (first timer!)

Indian Springs Triathlon (GA)
Jessica Van Orden - 1:32: 53 (3rd place AG)

XTerra First Coast (FL)
Jessica Van Orden - 3:29:23

Panther Prowl Triathlon
Brad Jackson - 1:06:54 (2nd place)

Strawberry Fields Triathlon (CA)
Lauryn England - 2:50:01 (30+ minute PR!!!)

Music City Triathlon - July 24, 2011

Hands down the best event in middle Tennessee. There is no easy way around this race. It is in the middle of summer. River swim. Fast, rolling bike. And a brutal, killer run course that leaves your quads quivering at the finish line. And the Olympic athletes get to complete it twice. All in all, it was another awesome day for FTP

Becky Sharpe (relay) 1:34:20 - 1st Female Relay
Jessica Miller-1:14:36, 3rd AG
Matt Mantz-1:12:30
Lindsey Nelson-1:24:48
Terry Walker-1:34:55
Donna Parker-1:50:25
Derek Charles-1:33:49

Dave Bishop-2:31:36-2nd AG
Andrew Dollar-2:30:34
Jonathan Farmer-2:37:34
Gerald Alvis-4:11:32
Lora Fox-2:45:25-2nd AG
Suzy Demirjian-3:34:45-First Olympic
Deanna McCarthy-4:18:39 2nd AG
Becky Meagher-3:41:12-2nd AG

Best of the Rest--June

DC Triathlon
Donna Parker - 2:21:41

Terry Walker - 3:21:44 - First Olympic distance race

RC Cola-Moon Pie 10 Miler
Frank Fay 1:19:59

Fast Frank Fay made his time goal with less than 1 second to spare! Now he is off to marathon training.

Jessica Van Orden
Blaylock Lakes Triathlon 1:38:31
Possum Trot 10k 53:10

Old Hickory Triathlon-June 25, 2011

Podiums, podiums and more podiums. FTP was out in full force for the Old Hickory Triathlon and they didn't disappoint. The support was huge, the results were huge and the post team brunch was delicious.

Old Hickory is a bit unique in that it is a swim-run-bike-run triathlon. And if you go wrong on the first run (straight up hill), your day is toast.

Andrew Dollar - 59:57 5th Place OA, 1st Place AG
Derek Charles - 1:36:33
Dave Bishop - 1:02:28, 2nd AG
Jonathan Farmer - 1:06:39
Gerald Alvis - 1:50:32
Terry Walker - 1:25:29
Libby Radford- 1:38:55
Deanna McCarthy - 1:51:19
Jason Clark - 1:14:56
Lindsey Nelson - 1:21:06
Sarah Farmer - 1:25:58
Lora Fox: 1:08:47, 1st AG
Becky Sharpe - 1:18:19, 3rd AG

Music City Du Run Run

Du Run Run
2mi - 10mi - 2mi

For those interested in the multisport lifestyle, the Du Run Run is a perfect, non-intimidating race. Held in a centralized Nashville location, the race uses a local park for both the runs and Metrocenter for the bike portion. It is flat, fast and a lot of fun. That is when mother nature doesn't bear her muscle onto the race.

David Bishop - 56:40 (1st Male Masters)
Matt Mantz - 58:25 (1st Age Group)

Mach Tenn Triathlon

Mach Tenn
1000y - 16mi - 4mi

The next stop on the FTP bus tour landed athletes in Tullahoma for the annual Mach Tenn Triathlon. Situated next to Arnold Air Force Base, this race had all the right variables for a fast field. The unique distance provides its own challenge which is equally balanced by the laid back atmosphere and free flowing beer after the race.

FTP walked away with two more awards at this race.

Andrew Dollar - 1:27:34
Jonathan Farmer - 1:37:32
Lora Fox - 1:39:52 (2nd Female Masters)
Suzy Demirjian - 2:06:56
Becky Meagher - 2:10:17 (2nd Age Group)

GJCC May 29, 2011

The Gordon Jewish Community Center Triathlon
200m * 8.6 mi * 2 mi

The GJCC was back in it's original location this year. A community favorite, the race is popular among the beginner crowd due to its pool swim and shorter than usual course. For the more experienced athletes, it is a solid tune up race for the rest of the season.

The day was great for racing. The summer heat was on and a few cicadas were swarming. But that didn't stop the 400+ athletes from having a great day. We had five athletes go through the rite of passage and become a triathlete. Congrats. We had several others finding themselves on the podium at the end of the race.

Matt Mantz: 46:32 (2nd age group, first triathlon)
Lora Fox: 48:43 (1st Masters)
Jason Haggard: 49:17 (3rd age group)
Team Hannibal: 53:23 (3rd family division)
Lindsey Nelson: 59:24
Sarah Farmer: 59:42
Brad Jackson: 1:00:28 (first triathlon)
Derek Charles: 1:05:58 (first triathlon)
Donna Parker: 1:09:22
McKenzie Schmidt: 1:12:45 (first triathlon)
Leslie Newman: 1:25:17 (first triathlon)
Cindee Gold: 1:33:59

Memphis in May

The FTP tour rolled into Tunica last weekend for the Memphis in May festival. The casinos were closed but we didn't need to gamble on our outcome. This race is notorious for two things--speed and heat. Mother nature brought torrential downpours but the FTP athletes brought the speed. Once again, FTP claimed hardware.

In the who wants it more race, Jessica and Jason exited the water moments apart with Jason in the lead. Coming off the bike, Jason narrowly held his lead on Jessica but she got the best of him in transition. Jason mounted his comeback on the run to catch her in the closing mile. Great race.

Jessica Miller-1:16:41
Jason Clark-1:18:52

Athletes braved horrendous conditions as it poured during the swim portion. Some athletes seemed to swim all the way onto the bike course given the puddles. The lightening was a spectacle and shocking that the race was not canceled. The athletes overcame mother nature's wrath and a miscalculation by race officials that added half a mile to the run.

Andrew Dollar-2:17:14
Jason Clark-2:49:57
Lauryn England-3:36:29
Becky Meagher-3:36:19--3rd in AG

May Half Ironman Roundup

Four athletes in three different races, two different states and even a jump across the big pond to Europe.

Gulf Coast Triathlon
Jonathan Farmer-5:37:15

This was Jonathan's first attempt at this distance. An humble athlete, Jonathan reached all new personal bests while training for this event. The journey was by far the most swimming, biking and running he has ever done.

Gulf Coast is notorious for being a blistering day. To date, we certainly had not experienced many days reaching even 80 degrees. Fortunately the temperature was moderate that day, the water unusually calm and the wind was bearable.

Congrats to Jonathan for pulling off a more than impressive first HIM race.
Swim: 35:14; Bike: 2:52:12; Run: 2:02:24 Good for 39th in his age group.

White Lake I
Jessica Van Orden-5:20:27

This year was personal for Jessica. Last year, she competed in White Lake for her first ever half iron race. The overbearing heat of the day left carnage all over the course and derailed her race in the final minutes. This time she was out for blood.

No stranger to the sport of triathlon, she entered the race determined to improve on last year's performance--in all three disciplines. Unfortunately, mother nature once again made its presence known. This time it was fog. After delaying several times, the race director ordered the race to become a bike run duathlon.

Congrats to Jessica for making all the right adjustments and taking nearly 30 minutes off her previous bike + run times. She placed 9th in her age group just barely missing the national championship qualification.
Bike: 3:04:06
Run: 2:12:58

Ironman Austria 70.3
Becky Sharpe: 6:20:52

Becky is no beginner. Several years of dedicated training and racing has constructed quite the competitor. This race was Becky's fourth time racing the half iron distance. But the first overseas. Traveling with friends, this race had a high priority but second to having a great time in Austria.

The Austria course is unique in several different ways. First it is a two lake swim, requiring you to exit the first lake, run to the second and finish the swim there. Secondly, the bike is partially on the country's 'autobahn' road and provides breathtaking views. Finally the two part transition only adds to the confusion.

Dave Bishop: 5:21:51

Dave 'Stud' Bishop was on a mission in Austria. This race kicked off an awesome season that will later culminate in China at the ITU World Championships. Dave paced the bike perfectly and set up an awesome run.

Swim: 35:04
Bike: 2:50:30
Run: 1:48:38

Ramblin Rose Women's Triathlon

What an awesome weekend!!! The inaugural Ramblin Rose Women's Triathlon was held at Centennial Park with a picturesque finish before the Parthenon. The weather was on the cooler side but that didnt' stop the ladies of FTP coaching from dominating the course.

250yd - 8 mile - 2 mile

Lora Fox - 48:12 (1st OVERALL)
Carissa Miller - 51:49 (8th overall, 2nd age group)
Lindsey Nelson - 57:06 (first ever triathlon)
Suzy Demirjian - 58:10 (1st age group)
Terry Walker - 59:17
Betsy Pierpaoli - 1:01:15
Donna Parker - 1:04:44
Daphne Davis - 1:06:19 (first ever triathlon)
Libby Radford - 1:08:17
Deanna McCarthy - 1:08:57 (3rd age group)
Amanda Scott - 1:28:00 (first ever triathlon)

Country Music Marathon

A tradition second only to live music on Broadway Street, this past weekend brought the Country Music Marathon to downtown Nashville. The last few years brought unpleasant weather but not this year. The temperatures provided a cool crisp start and the sun was out for the entire race. With over 30,000 participants this might go down as one of the best races in recent memory.

Congrats to all the finishers. A number of first timers and personal bests!

Jason Clark-1:42:47
Carissa Miller-2:19:44
Lauryn England-2:32:34
Kim Stokes-4:32:12 - FULL
Suzy Demrijian-2:19:07
Dave Anderson & Lisa de la Mothe -2:44:53
Lora Fox & Jack Barkenbus-2:18:40
Deanna McCarthy-3:17:42
Jennifer McClellan-2:10:07
McKenzie Schmidt 2:13:41

Alpha Delta Pi-athlon

Another great kickoff to the multisport season at the AD Pi-athlon held on MTSU's campus in Murfreesboro.. This race continues to grow each year. I suspect it will be big if not next year, then the following one.

The swim is 300m and takes place in the campus recreation pool. It is a time trial start with a snake swim through the 12 pool lanes. The bike course is a shade over 10 miles of primarily flat terrain. There are a few minor turns making it a rectangle but otherwise it feels like an out and bike. The run is 3.14 (pi) miles over the campus' pancake flat terrain. There were more volunteers at this race than most larger events. You were rarely out of sight of a cheering section. Overall, this was a positive racing experience.

It also was a beautiful day for racing. The morning was a bit crisp and in the mid-40s causing most athletes to wear jackets on the bike. But the sunny was able to warm the air to nearly 60 degrees by the races end.

Keeping with the tradition, FTP athletes took home some additional hardware. Andrew ended up 8th overall and won the M30-34 age group. However, the REAL showdown was between Lauryn and Terry. The time trial start separated them by nearly 15 minutes so little did they know that they were only mere seconds off from one another! And as Donna continues to work hard on the bike, she will be nipping at both their heels in no time. This season is shaping up to be an exciting one!

SwimT1Bike T2RunTotal
Andrew Dollar4:331:320:26:380:00:500:20:320:54:03
Lauryn England5:113:370:38:090:01:260:32:061:20:28
Terry Walker 6:222:550:36:400:00:570:33:491:20:41
Donna Parker8:353:050:35:400:01:430:33:561:22:58

Putting the R-U-N in April ???

A lot going on this month running wise.

Richland Greenway 5 miler
-Suzy Demirjian: 48:08

Ava's Run for a Reason 5k
-Daphne Davis: 35:13
-Amanda Scott: 43:13

Powerman Alabama

10k - 60k - 10k

Major kudos to Team FTP this past weekend. Dave Bishop and Jessica Van Orden took on the challenge known as Powerman Alabama. This course is certainly not for the weak. The undulating terrain laughs in the face of those ill-prepared for such a race. Both Dave and Jessica are training for early season half ironmans. Dave-Austria 70.3 and Jessica-White Lake.

Dave and Jessica not only race impressively, both athletes qualified for Team USA and Long Course Duathlon World Championships.

Dave Bishop: 8th in age group
R1: 44:15 T1: 0:34 B: 1:57:41 T2: 0:45 R2: 49:39 Total 3:32:52

Jessica Van Orden: 4th in age group.
R1: 59:57 T1: 2:25 B: 2:30:35 T2 1:01 R2: 1:01:15 Total: 4:35:10

Natchez Trace Triathlon

Race season is officially underway. The race wasn't huge but a number of dedicated athletes braved frigid water temperatures to try their hand at the areas first triathlon. Congrats to Jonathan Farmer for taking 3rd place in his age group and bring home the bacon.

Great job Jonathan.

Tom King Classic 5k

Spring definitely announced it's arrival just in time for the Tom King Classic. The sun was out and temperatures were (finally) up to the comfortable level as hundreds of runners descended up LP Field. This race is a awesome spring race that promises to leave you with a personal best due to the flat, flat, flat terrain.

And as expected, FTP athletes didn't disappoint:

Sam Miller--19:41 (2nd in AG)
Jess Miller--22:29 (1st in AG)
Jason Clark--21:31--PR!!!
Dave Anderson-30:24
Lisa De La Mothe-30:24
Chetan Kulkarni--31:58--PR!!!

Not only did athletes bring home some hardware, each of them walked away with an early season farmers tan.

Zoo Run Run Results

Lions, tigers and bears OH MY!!! A Nashville favorite, the Zoo Run Run, was held last Saturday at the Nashville Zoo. The Zoo shuts down early for a unique afternoon 5k race through the primate, reptile and big cat exhibits. Rumor has it that a few slow runners go missing each year.

Congrats to:

Jonathan Farmer-22:32 (PR)
Carissa Miller-27:27 (PR)
Chatan Kulkarni-34:30

Race Results

Becky Sharpe--Rim to Rim perspective

Becky Sharpe recently traveled to Arizona to attempt the rim to river to rim run. This once in a life time challenge is certainly a feat requiring mind over matter as one is required to climb the Canyon from top to bottom and back up. I asked Becky to provide some context and perspective on the amazing feat.

In Becky's words:

When 14 of us headed out to the Grand Canyon to ‘run’ rim to river to rim (10 people) and rim to rim to rim (4 lunatics) I was focused on the training being key to completing the 22 mile rim to river to rim portion happy and uninjured. I had run hours of steps and trails and completed a 50k ultra two months prior. As we headed down into the Canyon, the icy conditions made running unsafe (don’t want to be the one who falls of) so we hiked quickly for the first three miles. As the temperature rose from in the twenties to high thirties, the trails turned from icy to lightly packed snow to nice soft trails. Finally, we could run some.

At the three mile pit stop, I was thinking running 19 after a three mile warm up is going to be super. I felt like I’d cheated a bit by not running the first three. That was not the case at all, but I could feel the relaxation coming over me as I thought about how fresh my legs were…at that point. We were all mesmerized by the scenery and the colors, many of which I had not seen before. There were combination of purples and rusts and browns that stunned me. We had decided the night before to stay together and let the concept of a timing chip leave our psyches. So, we hiked, jogged, and stopped for snacks without thinking about our pace.

We took incredible pictures of us on boulders and with the Canyon enveloping everything in site. I decided to believe that anything new I saw or experienced would result in positive energy flowing to me. I had an incredible buzz. As we crested with 2-3 miles of downhill to go to get to Phantom Ranch (mile 11) I HAD to run down. You know those (rare for me) runs where you don’t feel like you are really working? That’s what it was like running down the 10-12% grade on sandy trails with an enormous drop off. There was no fear, just a desire to let gravity take me as fast as possible. The switchbacks were exhilarating. The tiny river visible from the top became the amazing Colorado. I ate a whole avocado at the bottom.

Four of our group had left at 4am to do rim to rim to rim and when we were not ‘oohing’ and ‘ahhing’ at the next incredible scene, we were talking about how far they were going compared to us. The word ‘just’ was commonplace: ‘can you believe they are doing r-t-r-t-r and we are just doing 22.That’s 46 miles with over 8500 feet of climbing!’ Our perspective was completely altered by the fact that 4 of our close friends were doubling our distance. I am not at all implying we felt inadequate; that was not the case at all. We simply felt what we were doing, which only a very small percentage of people are in shape to do, was completely doable and realistic. It made this very challenging event seem not at all out of range.

As athletes we all know that the mental aspect is a big part of any event. I’ve thought a lot about where my mind went knowing 4 of my buddies were not only going 46 miles, but doing so in sub 20 degrees with 40 mile an hour blowing snow a the top of the north rim. Imagining where they were and what they were experiencing allowed my mind to accept our experience as manageable and a privilege. The last three miles were tough. The top seems so close but it just won’t come. I imagined I was going out for an easy three miler and tried to put my head in that place. ‘You are just running down to the school and back. That’s such an easy kind of run. You can do it in your sleep.’ I could feel my mind fighting the urge to resist the positive visualization and instead pushing the negative on me. No way, not gonna let that happen. I would get a mantra going, like ‘three miles is just so easy’ or ‘my bro is doing rim to rim to rim’ and suddenly another switch back was gone.

When we crested, just under ten hours after we had started, the sun had about 2 minutes until it set. We stepped up on the flat ground and were hit immediately with icy cutting wind. Cabins were all around us. The lights from the gift shop twinkled and we could see the restaurant where we’d be eating soon. Back to reality. For a second, I thought about turning around and going back into the protective walls of the Canyon. My husband and I turned and looked down for just a second, then turned and gave each other a high five. ‘We’ve got to do rim-to-rim-to-rim next’ he said. ‘We could totally do that’…

Resolution Run 5k

Another great day of racing. The skies were pouring on the ride down there but the weather gods looked favorable upon us and allowed us to squeeze in an awesome race.

Andrew Dollar-20:22
Lora Fox-22:27--Overall Female Masters winner
Jonathan Farmer-22:58
Chetan Kulkarni--36:17
Jennifer Brooks--36:45

2011 Resolution Run 5k results
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