Old Hickory Triathlon-June 25, 2011

Podiums, podiums and more podiums. FTP was out in full force for the Old Hickory Triathlon and they didn't disappoint. The support was huge, the results were huge and the post team brunch was delicious.

Old Hickory is a bit unique in that it is a swim-run-bike-run triathlon. And if you go wrong on the first run (straight up hill), your day is toast.

Andrew Dollar - 59:57 5th Place OA, 1st Place AG
Derek Charles - 1:36:33
Dave Bishop - 1:02:28, 2nd AG
Jonathan Farmer - 1:06:39
Gerald Alvis - 1:50:32
Terry Walker - 1:25:29
Libby Radford- 1:38:55
Deanna McCarthy - 1:51:19
Jason Clark - 1:14:56
Lindsey Nelson - 1:21:06
Sarah Farmer - 1:25:58
Lora Fox: 1:08:47, 1st AG
Becky Sharpe - 1:18:19, 3rd AG

Music City Du Run Run

Du Run Run
2mi - 10mi - 2mi

For those interested in the multisport lifestyle, the Du Run Run is a perfect, non-intimidating race. Held in a centralized Nashville location, the race uses a local park for both the runs and Metrocenter for the bike portion. It is flat, fast and a lot of fun. That is when mother nature doesn't bear her muscle onto the race.

David Bishop - 56:40 (1st Male Masters)
Matt Mantz - 58:25 (1st Age Group)

Mach Tenn Triathlon

Mach Tenn
1000y - 16mi - 4mi

The next stop on the FTP bus tour landed athletes in Tullahoma for the annual Mach Tenn Triathlon. Situated next to Arnold Air Force Base, this race had all the right variables for a fast field. The unique distance provides its own challenge which is equally balanced by the laid back atmosphere and free flowing beer after the race.

FTP walked away with two more awards at this race.

Andrew Dollar - 1:27:34
Jonathan Farmer - 1:37:32
Lora Fox - 1:39:52 (2nd Female Masters)
Suzy Demirjian - 2:06:56
Becky Meagher - 2:10:17 (2nd Age Group)

GJCC May 29, 2011

The Gordon Jewish Community Center Triathlon
200m * 8.6 mi * 2 mi

The GJCC was back in it's original location this year. A community favorite, the race is popular among the beginner crowd due to its pool swim and shorter than usual course. For the more experienced athletes, it is a solid tune up race for the rest of the season.

The day was great for racing. The summer heat was on and a few cicadas were swarming. But that didn't stop the 400+ athletes from having a great day. We had five athletes go through the rite of passage and become a triathlete. Congrats. We had several others finding themselves on the podium at the end of the race.

Matt Mantz: 46:32 (2nd age group, first triathlon)
Lora Fox: 48:43 (1st Masters)
Jason Haggard: 49:17 (3rd age group)
Team Hannibal: 53:23 (3rd family division)
Lindsey Nelson: 59:24
Sarah Farmer: 59:42
Brad Jackson: 1:00:28 (first triathlon)
Derek Charles: 1:05:58 (first triathlon)
Donna Parker: 1:09:22
McKenzie Schmidt: 1:12:45 (first triathlon)
Leslie Newman: 1:25:17 (first triathlon)
Cindee Gold: 1:33:59

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