Music City Triathlon - July 24, 2011

Hands down the best event in middle Tennessee. There is no easy way around this race. It is in the middle of summer. River swim. Fast, rolling bike. And a brutal, killer run course that leaves your quads quivering at the finish line. And the Olympic athletes get to complete it twice. All in all, it was another awesome day for FTP

Becky Sharpe (relay) 1:34:20 - 1st Female Relay
Jessica Miller-1:14:36, 3rd AG
Matt Mantz-1:12:30
Lindsey Nelson-1:24:48
Terry Walker-1:34:55
Donna Parker-1:50:25
Derek Charles-1:33:49

Dave Bishop-2:31:36-2nd AG
Andrew Dollar-2:30:34
Jonathan Farmer-2:37:34
Gerald Alvis-4:11:32
Lora Fox-2:45:25-2nd AG
Suzy Demirjian-3:34:45-First Olympic
Deanna McCarthy-4:18:39 2nd AG
Becky Meagher-3:41:12-2nd AG

Best of the Rest--June

DC Triathlon
Donna Parker - 2:21:41

Terry Walker - 3:21:44 - First Olympic distance race

RC Cola-Moon Pie 10 Miler
Frank Fay 1:19:59

Fast Frank Fay made his time goal with less than 1 second to spare! Now he is off to marathon training.

Jessica Van Orden
Blaylock Lakes Triathlon 1:38:31
Possum Trot 10k 53:10
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