Memphis in May

The FTP tour rolled into Tunica last weekend for the Memphis in May festival. The casinos were closed but we didn't need to gamble on our outcome. This race is notorious for two things--speed and heat. Mother nature brought torrential downpours but the FTP athletes brought the speed. Once again, FTP claimed hardware.

In the who wants it more race, Jessica and Jason exited the water moments apart with Jason in the lead. Coming off the bike, Jason narrowly held his lead on Jessica but she got the best of him in transition. Jason mounted his comeback on the run to catch her in the closing mile. Great race.

Jessica Miller-1:16:41
Jason Clark-1:18:52

Athletes braved horrendous conditions as it poured during the swim portion. Some athletes seemed to swim all the way onto the bike course given the puddles. The lightening was a spectacle and shocking that the race was not canceled. The athletes overcame mother nature's wrath and a miscalculation by race officials that added half a mile to the run.

Andrew Dollar-2:17:14
Jason Clark-2:49:57
Lauryn England-3:36:29
Becky Meagher-3:36:19--3rd in AG

May Half Ironman Roundup

Four athletes in three different races, two different states and even a jump across the big pond to Europe.

Gulf Coast Triathlon
Jonathan Farmer-5:37:15

This was Jonathan's first attempt at this distance. An humble athlete, Jonathan reached all new personal bests while training for this event. The journey was by far the most swimming, biking and running he has ever done.

Gulf Coast is notorious for being a blistering day. To date, we certainly had not experienced many days reaching even 80 degrees. Fortunately the temperature was moderate that day, the water unusually calm and the wind was bearable.

Congrats to Jonathan for pulling off a more than impressive first HIM race.
Swim: 35:14; Bike: 2:52:12; Run: 2:02:24 Good for 39th in his age group.

White Lake I
Jessica Van Orden-5:20:27

This year was personal for Jessica. Last year, she competed in White Lake for her first ever half iron race. The overbearing heat of the day left carnage all over the course and derailed her race in the final minutes. This time she was out for blood.

No stranger to the sport of triathlon, she entered the race determined to improve on last year's performance--in all three disciplines. Unfortunately, mother nature once again made its presence known. This time it was fog. After delaying several times, the race director ordered the race to become a bike run duathlon.

Congrats to Jessica for making all the right adjustments and taking nearly 30 minutes off her previous bike + run times. She placed 9th in her age group just barely missing the national championship qualification.
Bike: 3:04:06
Run: 2:12:58

Ironman Austria 70.3
Becky Sharpe: 6:20:52

Becky is no beginner. Several years of dedicated training and racing has constructed quite the competitor. This race was Becky's fourth time racing the half iron distance. But the first overseas. Traveling with friends, this race had a high priority but second to having a great time in Austria.

The Austria course is unique in several different ways. First it is a two lake swim, requiring you to exit the first lake, run to the second and finish the swim there. Secondly, the bike is partially on the country's 'autobahn' road and provides breathtaking views. Finally the two part transition only adds to the confusion.

Dave Bishop: 5:21:51

Dave 'Stud' Bishop was on a mission in Austria. This race kicked off an awesome season that will later culminate in China at the ITU World Championships. Dave paced the bike perfectly and set up an awesome run.

Swim: 35:04
Bike: 2:50:30
Run: 1:48:38

Ramblin Rose Women's Triathlon

What an awesome weekend!!! The inaugural Ramblin Rose Women's Triathlon was held at Centennial Park with a picturesque finish before the Parthenon. The weather was on the cooler side but that didnt' stop the ladies of FTP coaching from dominating the course.

250yd - 8 mile - 2 mile

Lora Fox - 48:12 (1st OVERALL)
Carissa Miller - 51:49 (8th overall, 2nd age group)
Lindsey Nelson - 57:06 (first ever triathlon)
Suzy Demirjian - 58:10 (1st age group)
Terry Walker - 59:17
Betsy Pierpaoli - 1:01:15
Donna Parker - 1:04:44
Daphne Davis - 1:06:19 (first ever triathlon)
Libby Radford - 1:08:17
Deanna McCarthy - 1:08:57 (3rd age group)
Amanda Scott - 1:28:00 (first ever triathlon)

Country Music Marathon

A tradition second only to live music on Broadway Street, this past weekend brought the Country Music Marathon to downtown Nashville. The last few years brought unpleasant weather but not this year. The temperatures provided a cool crisp start and the sun was out for the entire race. With over 30,000 participants this might go down as one of the best races in recent memory.

Congrats to all the finishers. A number of first timers and personal bests!

Jason Clark-1:42:47
Carissa Miller-2:19:44
Lauryn England-2:32:34
Kim Stokes-4:32:12 - FULL
Suzy Demrijian-2:19:07
Dave Anderson & Lisa de la Mothe -2:44:53
Lora Fox & Jack Barkenbus-2:18:40
Deanna McCarthy-3:17:42
Jennifer McClellan-2:10:07
McKenzie Schmidt 2:13:41
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