The FTP tour rolled into Tunica last weekend for the Memphis in May festival. The casinos were closed but we didn't need to gamble on our outcome. This race is notorious for two things--speed and heat. Mother nature brought torrential downpours but the FTP athletes brought the speed. Once again, FTP claimed hardware.

In the who wants it more race, Jessica and Jason exited the water moments apart with Jason in the lead. Coming off the bike, Jason narrowly held his lead on Jessica but she got the best of him in transition. Jason mounted his comeback on the run to catch her in the closing mile. Great race.

Jessica Miller-1:16:41
Jason Clark-1:18:52

Athletes braved horrendous conditions as it poured during the swim portion. Some athletes seemed to swim all the way onto the bike course given the puddles. The lightening was a spectacle and shocking that the race was not canceled. The athletes overcame mother nature's wrath and a miscalculation by race officials that added half a mile to the run.

Andrew Dollar-2:17:14
Jason Clark-2:49:57
Lauryn England-3:36:29
Becky Meagher-3:36:19--3rd in AG