Cedars of Lebanon

Tucked away in a state park, Cedars of Lebanon is a local favorite. The 300m pool swim is inviting, but the 16 mile bike course challenges athletes in numerous ways (including a section of really rough riding).

Andrew Dollar - 1:11:27 3rd Overall
Carissa Miller - 1:32:12
Becky Meagher - 1:42:28 1st AG
Suzy Demijrian - 1:31:33 2nd Relay
Jenny McClellan - 1:31:33 2nd Relay
Susan Settle - 1:47:33

Best of the Rest--July

FTP was everywhere in July. Many athletes left the confines of middle Tennessee to represent the team in other areas.

Cincinnati Triathlon (OH)
Carissa Miller - 1:24:09-1st place

Chattanooga Waterfront
Sam Miller - 2:27:25
Jessica Miller - 2:51:14
Kristine Mylls - 3:31:02
Corrie Morris - 3:00:09
Becky Sharpe - 3:26:35

Phillips Chain of Lakes Triathlon (WI)
Joleyn Smithing - 1:50:38 - 3rd AG

Nantucket Island Triathlon (MA)
Jake Schwarz - 1:29:26 (first timer!)

Indian Springs Triathlon (GA)
Jessica Van Orden - 1:32: 53 (3rd place AG)

XTerra First Coast (FL)
Jessica Van Orden - 3:29:23

Panther Prowl Triathlon
Brad Jackson - 1:06:54 (2nd place)

Strawberry Fields Triathlon (CA)
Lauryn England - 2:50:01 (30+ minute PR!!!)

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