October Race Results

 We had some athletes doing late season races and some moving on to running races. We had a first time IM finisher and more PRs this month. More to come in November!

Rev3 South Carolina
Scott Schwertly-5:23:33

Beach 2 Battleship
Jessica Van Orden-13:51:13 - First IM

Healdsburg Half Marathon
Anna Hemnes-1:49:11 - PR

Go Commando Half Marathon
Jenny McClellan-1:47:59 - 1st AG

Evansville Half Marathon
Chris Cannon 1:50:41 - PR

Zombie Buffet 10K
Lindsey Nelson 50:17 - PR  

November Running Results

Nashville Half-Marathon

Suzy Demirjian

Betsy Pierpaoli

Dan Singelyn

Chickamauga Marathon

Frank Fay

Viva La Diva

Suzy Demirjian

Kristine Mylls

Boulevard Bolt

Lora Fox

Indian Lake Loop 5 Miler

Sarah Farmer

Andrew Dollar

Jamie Drown

Bridge to Bridge 4 Miler

Carissa Miller

Rudolph's Run 5k (Team Race)

Sarah Farmer

Sam Miller

Jessica Miller

Terry Walker

Kristine Mylls

Lauryn England

Kara Brown

Andrew Dollar

End of the Season Best of the Rest

Marking the end of the season, many athletes were up to the challenge of going long. Many athletes took on the challenge of a 70.3 mile race and one took on the full 140.6 distance. Congrats to all the athletes in accomplishing their milestones.

Augusta 70.3

Kristine Mylls - 6:43

Austin 70.3

Sam Miller - 5:24

Jessica Miller-5:49

Rev3 South Carolina Olympic

Dave Bishop - 2:20:19 2nd AG

Joleyn Smithing - 2:53:36 3rd AG

Corris Morris - 2:58:37

Beach 2 Battleship Full

Jonathan Farmer - 12:31

White Sands Sprint #2

Matt Mantz - 1:18:01 1st AG

ITU World Championships (Beijing)

FTP coaching was blessed this season to send TWO athletes to compete in the ITU World Championships in Beijing China. Both Dave Bishop and Andrew Dollar qualified for Worlds last year at the USAT National Championship by finishing within the top 20 of their age group against a stacked field of athletes.

ITU World Championships (Beijing)

Sprint Distance

Andrew Dollar - 1:17:24 - 1st American in his Age Group

Olympic Distance

Dave Bishop - 2:28:08 - Top 20 in his age group among 78 world class athletes


The inaugural NashVegas took place on September 10th offering athletes the option of a half iron, olympic or sprint distance race. It wasn't too our surprise that FTP athletes dominated the field as the culmination of their training was on display for everyone to see.

Jayme Drown 1:18:35 3rd OVERALL
Terry Walker - 1:41:54
Libby Radford - 1:47:24
Becky Meagher - 1:38:00 1st AG
Jake Schwarz - 1:25:55
Matt Mantz 1:12:55 3rd AG

Sam Miller - 2:15:33 1st OVERALL
Jessica Miller - 2:42:38 1st AG
Lora Fox - 2:36:46 1st AG
Lindsey Nelson - 3:01:22
Gerald Alvis - 4:27:11
Jolene Smithing - 2:34:28 2nd Relay
Becky Sharpe - 2:34:28 2nd Relay

Cedars of Lebanon

Tucked away in a state park, Cedars of Lebanon is a local favorite. The 300m pool swim is inviting, but the 16 mile bike course challenges athletes in numerous ways (including a section of really rough riding).

Andrew Dollar - 1:11:27 3rd Overall
Carissa Miller - 1:32:12
Becky Meagher - 1:42:28 1st AG
Suzy Demijrian - 1:31:33 2nd Relay
Jenny McClellan - 1:31:33 2nd Relay
Susan Settle - 1:47:33

Best of the Rest--July

FTP was everywhere in July. Many athletes left the confines of middle Tennessee to represent the team in other areas.

Cincinnati Triathlon (OH)
Carissa Miller - 1:24:09-1st place

Chattanooga Waterfront
Sam Miller - 2:27:25
Jessica Miller - 2:51:14
Kristine Mylls - 3:31:02
Corrie Morris - 3:00:09
Becky Sharpe - 3:26:35

Phillips Chain of Lakes Triathlon (WI)
Joleyn Smithing - 1:50:38 - 3rd AG

Nantucket Island Triathlon (MA)
Jake Schwarz - 1:29:26 (first timer!)

Indian Springs Triathlon (GA)
Jessica Van Orden - 1:32: 53 (3rd place AG)

XTerra First Coast (FL)
Jessica Van Orden - 3:29:23

Panther Prowl Triathlon
Brad Jackson - 1:06:54 (2nd place)

Strawberry Fields Triathlon (CA)
Lauryn England - 2:50:01 (30+ minute PR!!!)

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