The Gordon Jewish Community Center Triathlon
200m * 8.6 mi * 2 mi

The GJCC was back in it's original location this year. A community favorite, the race is popular among the beginner crowd due to its pool swim and shorter than usual course. For the more experienced athletes, it is a solid tune up race for the rest of the season.

The day was great for racing. The summer heat was on and a few cicadas were swarming. But that didn't stop the 400+ athletes from having a great day. We had five athletes go through the rite of passage and become a triathlete. Congrats. We had several others finding themselves on the podium at the end of the race.

Matt Mantz: 46:32 (2nd age group, first triathlon)
Lora Fox: 48:43 (1st Masters)
Jason Haggard: 49:17 (3rd age group)
Team Hannibal: 53:23 (3rd family division)
Lindsey Nelson: 59:24
Sarah Farmer: 59:42
Brad Jackson: 1:00:28 (first triathlon)
Derek Charles: 1:05:58 (first triathlon)
Donna Parker: 1:09:22
McKenzie Schmidt: 1:12:45 (first triathlon)
Leslie Newman: 1:25:17 (first triathlon)
Cindee Gold: 1:33:59