Podiums, podiums and more podiums. FTP was out in full force for the Old Hickory Triathlon and they didn't disappoint. The support was huge, the results were huge and the post team brunch was delicious.

Old Hickory is a bit unique in that it is a swim-run-bike-run triathlon. And if you go wrong on the first run (straight up hill), your day is toast.

Andrew Dollar - 59:57 5th Place OA, 1st Place AG
Derek Charles - 1:36:33
Dave Bishop - 1:02:28, 2nd AG
Jonathan Farmer - 1:06:39
Gerald Alvis - 1:50:32
Terry Walker - 1:25:29
Libby Radford- 1:38:55
Deanna McCarthy - 1:51:19
Jason Clark - 1:14:56
Lindsey Nelson - 1:21:06
Sarah Farmer - 1:25:58
Lora Fox: 1:08:47, 1st AG
Becky Sharpe - 1:18:19, 3rd AG