Another great kickoff to the multisport season at the AD Pi-athlon held on MTSU's campus in Murfreesboro.. This race continues to grow each year. I suspect it will be big if not next year, then the following one.

The swim is 300m and takes place in the campus recreation pool. It is a time trial start with a snake swim through the 12 pool lanes. The bike course is a shade over 10 miles of primarily flat terrain. There are a few minor turns making it a rectangle but otherwise it feels like an out and bike. The run is 3.14 (pi) miles over the campus' pancake flat terrain. There were more volunteers at this race than most larger events. You were rarely out of sight of a cheering section. Overall, this was a positive racing experience.

It also was a beautiful day for racing. The morning was a bit crisp and in the mid-40s causing most athletes to wear jackets on the bike. But the sunny was able to warm the air to nearly 60 degrees by the races end.

Keeping with the tradition, FTP athletes took home some additional hardware. Andrew ended up 8th overall and won the M30-34 age group. However, the REAL showdown was between Lauryn and Terry. The time trial start separated them by nearly 15 minutes so little did they know that they were only mere seconds off from one another! And as Donna continues to work hard on the bike, she will be nipping at both their heels in no time. This season is shaping up to be an exciting one!

SwimT1Bike T2RunTotal
Andrew Dollar4:331:320:26:380:00:500:20:320:54:03
Lauryn England5:113:370:38:090:01:260:32:061:20:28
Terry Walker 6:222:550:36:400:00:570:33:491:20:41
Donna Parker8:353:050:35:400:01:430:33:561:22:58